(In) Security Camera, a typical social relationship.

(In) Security Camera , designed by Benjamin Chang, Silvia Ruzanka and Dmitry Strakovsky, is an interactive installation made ​​by means of a video camera connected to a computer with a particular software, through which you get a sophisticated view. The camera is designed to frame, zoom in and follow moving objects passing in front of his field of vision. Work on the basis of complex algorithms, their devices with artificial intelligence, now in use in the army and security forces U.S., coming to evaluate various levels of threat and appropriate response in real time. However, from the movie on this site, we can see that the camera will show slightly insecure. That is, is easily frightened by sudden movements, is "timid" with strangers and tends to divert direct contact with eyes, revealing to us his fallibility, as well as characteristics of the human personality, and therefore making us instinctively lean towards feelings of affection her. The relationship that develops between us and the camera becomes a "relationship typically society", as according to research at the Stanford Research Institute on the design of graphical user interfaces friendly, aimed at lowering the stress induced by new technologies. L 'installation also remembers the Alive Project of the Media Lab, inherent to the study of software agents that interpret the facial expression of' user thanks to a camera, to understand his state of mind and anticipate his reactions. Ultimately, the reversal of the relationship between a surveillance system and the supervised entities makes us reflect on the dualism between privacy and security, a subject of passionate debate, especially after the events of September 11: Since you can not stop the development of increasingly sophisticated tools used for control, equal access to information, or at least a large part of the available data, both on the part of those who control, both on the part of those who are controlled by appropriate legal instruments, such as the law on access to public information, Freedom of Information Act, would act as a deterrent against possible abuses.