Daily Headline Deaths, necrophilia media.

Interconnect the amount of different data expressed by a mass-circulation newspaper can find precise information policies and media trend is not insignificant. The growing media necrophilia and morbid as well as constant documentation of tragedies fomented by the spiral of audience reached dangerous levels in the ecology of our minds. Deaths Headline Daily is a project of Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga who collected copies of the New York Times from 15 June to 25 August 2002, extracting the titles for news of death and everything appears in the limited space of a part of the web page. Author of Vagamundo , Zuñiga has used the specific icons to distinguish between the different types of deaths, which have gone as to overlap in the dedicated space simulating the sequence of events in the space of two and a half months, with all titles original and links to their news. The work started from 1000 generic icons of people who were replaced by those of the macabre reason for their death (the development is visible in the pages day by day) quantifying unequivocally the ability to scream the dramas that the printed media of mass information have inserted into their DNA incorporation and which contributes to a narcosis of social reactivity induced by the development of so much pain.