Survey of Common Sense, polls biased.

Increasingly being used by online publishing platforms, which in more recent versions include them as default, polls and surveys are a constant invitation to express themselves and also a surrogate, often even more arbitrary, surveys a wide spectrum. Survey of Common Sense of Haleh Niazmand, is a reinterpretation of a series of paintings of the same artist that make a sarcastic parody of industry surveys, the true engine of propaganda of U.S. democracy in recent years. The answers to restrict binary choice of 'yes / no' and the paradoxical tone of the questions casts a sinister light on the criteria regarding their composition surveys, landscaped around a table to direct at will the results. The manipulation programmed collides with discomfort to respond linearly to questions such as "The exploitation of others produces comfort for you?", And throws to the winds the alleged common sense, heralded as a core principle of this type of collective practices. The set of twenty questions thus constitutes a real political manifesto overturned, written by borrowing a form usable in a popular, and sculpting a shining example of detournament the formalism of the code, illusion of democratic pragmatism, bringing Finally, a healthy burst of doubts in the predetermined choices of hypertext structures.