Media Art Net, Survey of Media Art

Springer, ISBN 3211005706 This text was created as an experiment in innovative integration between two previously distinct media, and often considered as alternatives: the printed text and the website. In building the ambitious project, the two authors have put together content consisting of a scanning media arts, shared with experts of the caliber of Inke Arns or Oliver Grau. But in addition to analysis, inevitably full of references, the interface is ambivalent to arouse the attention of the user. The mutual interaction between the press and the network is guaranteed, in fact, a series of icons on the printed text, which indicate the edge of the essays online presence biographies, additional descriptive text, original documents, external url, and codes to access all link of a given section. Another icon is used to display cross-references to other parts within the same text printed. The results are happy, because they introduce criteria with a level of reading and study culturally consistent to the same content, and reflecting in its interrelation the same structural principles of interdisciplinarity, criticism and aesthetics, which are described in the essays. The data and their connections, rather than conceal themselves in their reading devices come out so dynamically intertwined in a structure that could become a very good standard for paper products that sink in the network nodes their intrinsic value.