Brutal File Manager + PSDoom, shoot files and processes.

The visualization of processes with interfaces designed for other content reflects the ability to think in broad terms of the forms (or signs) and their interpretation. This attitude taken up by different artistic practices, is a particularly effective when the contents are inserted unusual architecture of first-person shooters like Quake and the like, become a paradigm of the desktop interface as much as the desk or keyboard play / pause / ff / rew / rec of a recording device sequentially. Brutal File Manager , for example, is a combination of a file manager with a video game of the above, in which the folders are displayed in a 3D environment and through an exaggerated arsenal is may delete files simply 'shooting' to objects that represent them. Written in Java and released under the GNU equates the abstraction of common objects in these representations with abstraction par excellence, namely that of files. psDooM , however no more recent, monitors and management of * nix systems through XDoom , bringing a graphical interface to the controls (typically from the command line) 'ps', 'renice' and 'kill'. The transmutation live environment management of the machine in a playful and ironic representation involves a violent his debunking and at the same time an original vision, even if perfectly consistent. Carrying, in fact, the 'objects' incorporeal (files and processes) entered our everyday perception as real in an additional interface level, that of games, involves a game of mirrors between symbols and meanings, which results in a short period of setting that results in adding an additional layer to our personal system of abstractions.