Brain Fingerprinting, control through the cerebral reactions.

The exaggerated illusion of control cradle his perverse dreams of omnipotence in the study of the human brain. Find the remote possibility of the crime at the outset, that is in the minds of those who would implement it is a mirage that many law enforcement agencies believe and are willing to fund generously opening the purse strings of public and private grants. The technique of Brain Fingerprinting , ossie of 'brain fingerprinting' forms part of these mirages, using the electroencephalogram as a basis for a 'qualitative' responses to certain stimuli. From the 'lie' on, the techniques that claim to give definite answers on 'intentions' and the thoughts of a human being have failed one after the other, leaving gullible and hungry for culprits at any cost the role of temporary testimonial. In this case, the alleged scientific process is to be based exclusively on the development of responses to specific stimuli that should not depend on the emotional factor of the person. The result is that the activity heralded detects if the information for which the test is subjected visually is actually present in his brain or less. Used by the FBI on an experimental basis, has been tested on 170 people, with a high 'level of accuracy in the results' as claimed by its owners from patent. But probably like many previous attempts is just to wait for the first independent tests sbugiardino the certainties and to restore the dignity of impenetrability of thought to scientific consideration.