, the network in the rain.

The signals / data in transit in the urban space and multiply the possibilities of crossing streams and organize temporary network or 'ad-hoc' as they are called technically, creates new scenarios of interaction. is an idea, with a prototype in preparation, which based on the use of umbrellas on the street in the rain and on their ability to serve as antennas using the signals of a wi-fi network interpreted by handheld interfaced with rain cover. In this way you convey data requested and not, so that people can share an intangible space, being randomly forced to share the real world. The atmospheric conditions lead, therefore, the use of a tool that can create casual relationships, and sometimes unpredictable. A tool commonly used which creates an additional layer can network, mediating and transforming data and presenting itself as the physical interface of the same. The project, whose development is edited by Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine Moriwaki, technically is based on the network DAWN (Dublin Ad-Hoc Wireless Network) developed all'NTRG of Trinity College Dublin.