Requoil Displaced Peaceoff

Yet another audio/visual symbiosis between a musician and a videoartist who integrate their abilities amplifying each other. Three tracks where dark ambient sounds and the bouncy percussions of Pure, from Vienna, intertwine with Johnny Dekam’s jumpy narration. Dekam is the author of VDMX, one of the most refined vjing tools on the Macintosh. But his approach, mediated by software, hasn’t prevented him from going beyond the circular structure of arbitrary couplings so common in vjing, and he made three videos which, even if influenced by his original experience, flow smoothly, with ad-hoc and consequential sequences. The presence of mixing shows, but the images have been processed in such a way as to preserve a common visionary nature and mirror the penchant of the artist towards formal abstraction. This is particularly evident in the choice of a monochromatic palette in the first two pieces, the first one (Requoil), which is based on footage shot in an oil field, and the second one (Displaced), where the light and shade effects slip smoothly on the screen. In ‘Peaceoff’, on the other hand, the video material was shot in a purification plant, and the emergency colours typical of the place characterize the splits and cross sections of the vision to restructure the space.