MousePointer, mouse twins.

The arrow pointer on the screen is one of the first objects that are learned to recognize when you begin to use a PC. It is the point of contact between our desire, expressed by the movements of the forearm and wrist swinging the mouse, and representations from the interface displayed on duty. The questioning of this report unique and full user control has already produced artifacts funny as Schizo-Mouse and Esc @ you , works that are losing both the characters of uniqueness that the controls decontextualizing the obvious role mouse and arrow that directs. MousePointer of Jan Robert Leegte adds a new element of destabilization, which is another arrow, a sort of double, twin, who flees to the contact with the actual pointer. This 'avatar of one of the archetypes of avatars', is a sort of dark side of the pointer, symbolizing the opposite of control, through an autonomous movement and unfriendly despite anticipated during mode, which is meant to suggest the coveted active role of the machine, while with an unfriendly mood.