China encrypts wireless networks.

The Beijing government has decided to restrict the policies for wireless networks, promoting a local standard encryption. In a Business Week article , it is known as the Intel will stop selling its Centrino in China as of June 1, precisely because of this decision that underlies a protectionist policy from a commercial point of view, reinforced by a precise and essential control strategy implemented detective of the information, in this case, since the birth of this delocalized communication standard. In official statements, in fact not made any secret of the reasons attributed to 'national security', forbidding foreign companies to have access to this type of encryption, available instead of thirty Chinese companies with which you must become partners. These, designated by the government, are the only dealer of the standard, which would guarantee access to all communications from the government and its forces of repression, jeopardizing the distribution and sharing of wi-fi networks that represent one of the schemes less irregimentabili from central control.