Modocom: irony of e-commerce.

There are all the elements to think of a real holding new-style economy. But in reality this project is a brilliant fake that makes a mockery of communication strategies and gets a big commercial success playing with the language and imagery. Eight company based in Germany, in Berlin, joined in a consortium, Modocom , with cultural objectives and at the same time commercial. Minimal colors and ideas that go immediately to the objective. A web site that collects eight other sites as minimal. Concepts reduced to the essence to rebuild a new Germany, the facades of the houses, interior architecture, to clothing, and even the language, which is revolutionized in its basic elements with the project RedesignDeutschland . Modocom was born in July 1999 from the mind of Rafael Horzon, living on the web through the website of the same name, becoming known through events that are born and die spontaneously for the city. The site reveals an intelligent understanding of advertising and marketing communications techniques are used to distribute content often ironic and absurd. The thing, however, it turns out with a careful reading and it turns out there is a marriage in Modocom bursting pairs, a company that sells clothes ties to the head, a university, the Wissenschaftsakademie Berlin that gives a diploma after the attendance of four workshops one evening. The headquarters of Modocom is Torstrasse in Berlin, and is naturally furnished with original furniture of the minimal Moebel Horzon, in white, black or raw wood. Tatiana Bazzichelli