Oeil Complex, eyeballs reactive.

Symbol of tempting prey for unscrupulous era media communicators the eyeball and eyelids that hatch are a jumble of symbols and meanings, recognizable at various levels from any viewer. The eye and its processed multiple digital is at the center of one of the early works of Frédéric Durieu, a member of the Le Ciel Est Bleu, French artists, creators of the award-winning Puppet Tool . In Oeil Complex , in fact, divided into six different interactive objects shockwave, distorts gatherings and animations of the muscles that look in various shapes, multiplying the representation of what at the moment is watching him. In this well-established aesthetic misunderstanding already known (the eye that looks at the screen the eyes of the viewers), you add the mouse that lets you open and close to control the eyelids and ironed the kaleidoscope of irises. A useful exercise anthropomorphic machine that allows you to re-focus attention on our lost body.