England, records of surveillance cameras.

The hysteria of control expressed by CCTV cameras is slowly creeping acceptance of a dangerous game that now affects the privacy of millions of people. Among the negative records is found the British, whose legal regulation, which provides, among other obligation of warning and the provision of the movie is completely ignored by most of the operators, with reports of abuses in hypermarkets and retransmission on television of clips without permission of the protagonists. According to an article for the Independent , in fact, would be more than four million surveillance cameras in UK public an estimated fifth of all the cameras in the world. To contribute to the sad world record for the nation 'most viewed', was the fourfold in the last three years, sales of devices, moving at twice the forecast. Now it has one camera for every 14 people, with several studies demonstrating that the use of these devices does not reduce the level of crime at all. Do not be indifferent to the propaganda of dozens of television programs based sull'esibizionismo of the protagonists, which seeks to socially accept what seems to be a widespread distribution and militaristic control (public and private).