. Walk, not computer algorithms in motion.

Some archetypes of the code are the basis of deep interpretations in a contemporary where the same code has pervaded more and more everyday life contexts. The algorithmic model, given by the sequence of instructions and cycles more or less iterative, reflects a structure with a sense that forms to every next step. The formalization of statements of fact then creates a descriptive language and sequences and repetitions inevitably generate a processing of information and 'output' tangible. . walk of the Dutch group socialfiction.org applies the dynamic structure of the code to a psycho-geographic approach, which thus becomes generative. In line with the experiments of recent festival New York Psy-Geo-Conflux , walks' algortmiche outlined by the Group (of the type 'the second left, first right, the third to the right, repeat from the beginning'), they enter on a collision course the conceptual foundations of the digital with the absurd, building, however, a possible paradoxical pedestrian computer whose software is to run a long and collective foot path through the city.