Superbot, an army of pro-privacy bots.


16.12.03 Superbot, an army of pro-privacy bots.

With the mysterious slogan ‘machines will eat itself’, Franz Alken’s operation Superbot is one of the most remarkable in the field of privacy enforcing, with a down-to-earth and creative approach. Its work consists of a massive production of software bots (almost eight hundred at the moment) each of which represent a fictitious user. In what it does against the uncontrolled proliferation of intrusions and scanning of everybody’s online operations, Superbot closely resembles Tracenoizer in its thwarting techniques, but makes another, decisive step: it simulates completely virtual users which uniquely correspond to the technical requests of the nosey software bots of the web multinationals. It’s a strategy which brilliantly throws head-over-feet the logging of the users’ online behaviour making it fail from a statistical point of view. This is a winning strategy, as proven by other practices which confound the data collection process, such as the Giant BonusCard Swap, vertically devaluing the collected data. The privacy struggle is carried at the same level, making a software interact with another software in a total absence of human interaction and reducing to absurdity the spying techniques which now consider the bots as humans, giving them the same attentions, including the massive quantity of spam in their mailboxes.