Helloworld, results.

L ' Helloworld Project by Johannes Gees ended Saturday 13 December, and consisted in projecting in four different places of the earth (Morro dois Irmaos in Rio de Janeiro, the United Nations building in New York, a building in central Mumbai and a fountain 140 meters in Geneva) messages received from an editorial that, after being filtered, let them compose a green laser beam on these large areas. The organization that made head installation, sponsored by the WSIS held in Geneva, announced the final figures to participate: 38,000 messages, of which a few were discarded for content 'racist, sexist, personal insult of religious or business', and that have been received to 95 percent for email and web to 5 percent by sms. Doubts were expressed by users on the selection, and the question arises as free expression and communication has been granted by a sickly moderation, little transparency, since the messages are often not managed to see through webcam, and that has made the pair with the cheating local organization that has evicted the Geneva03 forum and its infrastructure.