Haptic Opposition, rebels machines.

After decades of speculation in science fiction literature and less clumsy attempts by the entertainment industry, the size of anthropomorphic machines are becoming more and more naturally in the social imagination, even if they are completely subservient to human will, at least in the interpretations melense commercial. Haptic Opposition Simon Schiessl is an installation that undermines the omnipotence user with good reason, that is, by applying his own instincts. Concretely is presented as a text display that moves independently in two directions, forzabili by a user in the flesh. The content is just philosophical quotations on human-machine, and when the user intervenes by touching it, the machine switches to interactive. The more you force the 'natural' mechanism for smooth viewing in either direction, the more the machine performs its nervousness, increasing the errors and the number of missing characters in the view, to show random characters when the user's movements you make abrupt. If the user then the brutality becomes clear, contrasting directional movement, blocking or pushing it from the opposite side, the machine reacts revealing the codes that govern its operation, to move quickly back and forth to try to shake off the hand of 'user. Simple language, that of force, intelligible, and that drives the interaction of a physical, concrete, activating other senses, touch, to interact with the usual categorical mental screen, shaking and triggering the reaction of instinct, in a healthy clash of wills equally autonomous.