NoWax, ipod and MP3J.

Following the latest summer trends Yorkers in London there is a monthly event dedicated to iPod owners who want to try as a DJ, or, as stated in the last neologism, such as 'MP3J'. At Dreambagsjaguarshoes club, is in fact hosted the NoWax , an evening where anyone System has to offer its selection for a while ', linking its two tiny devices to the mixer available, after waiting for their turn confirmed by a note with a serial number . Already very popular, especially in its aspect of social contact and condisione your tastes, this practice promptly renamed 'mp3jing' or 'ipoding', by the fanatics of Apple, is slowly improving its features. Although still the problem of the pitch, which can not be handled properly, given the lack of a proper support in the firmware, a first rough 'scratching' can be achieved by pressing the central part of the player and turning a bit to the left to obtain a short pause in the flow of sound.