Digital Recycling, share instead of delete.

recycling concept can be applied to immaterial smile, as ephemeral from a physical point of view. But on closer inspection the reuse of ideas and algorithmic routine is already an established practice in the programming code as in the production of artifacts and therefore not far from effective natural optimization of production processes. Recycling Digital is a project that aims to Benjamin Gaulon collect and preserve what would be hopelessly lost in a command emptying the recycle bin on the desktop. Rarely has a desktop metaphor has been applied to both the letter, with an explicit invitation to steal the oblivion of death file 'outdated', ie the residue of any temporary folder with documents soon trashed. The work actually focuses on the preservation of the voluntary cancellation, the only method that destroys the information produced or collected, making them disappear permanently from your PC. The act of recycling or reuse can be accomplished after the free download of the materials made available, yet another possibility of inspiration and sharing for mutual cooperation.