Chasing Bush, mobile phones to discredit Bush.

The effectiveness of protest that the organization of a relatively small amount of people can express has increased tenfold with the use of mobile technologies strategically employed. During the current Bush's visit to London was turned on a campaign that tends to discredit the president, who became surround with projecting security measures. For this invitation Chasing Bush is to report all movements of the president via a phone number, so you can constantly locate and gather images of protest against him, as well as areas off limits made ​​by its passage. The aim is to demonstrate the futility of security and its invasive mechanisms, as well as the make public all damages and impediments which implies such a deployment of forces (700 Secret Service agents always around him, 14,000 policemen and 5 million pounds of costs). Another goal is also to make the ridiculous public relations efforts in this absurd context, above all giving voice to those who does not approve the work uniquely American as represented by its greatest exponent. The British press has described these strategies as 'smart mob' second generation that attempt not only to influence the ongoing processes, but also to influence the mainstream media with its mass of alternative information built by their own public.