Key Words +, the poetics of research.

The charm of the text flowing unstoppable network is second only to the research directions indicated by the key words that are continuously subjected to the search engines, one concrete cross-section of interests and curiosity of netizens. + Key Words seeks to draw from this the potential poetic spectacle that the sequence of words put in place. The keywords, exactly, are exploited as a reservoir that feeds endless verbal modes of expression. A spartan use of web that alternately displays different characters in highlighting the different nature, is the basic mode, also produced in the form of installation, where the projection on a large scale creates a literary self-generated, and finally a performance in which a performer (Riina Saastamoinen and Angelique Willkie) are the human interface and criticism with the flow of words, creating an additional meta-level that expands into various connections and communication structures. It should be emphasized that the search engines themselves have realized this cultural mechanism, such as Metacrawler, who made ​​several years MetaSpy , a site that displays the time the list of keywords submitted to the main engines, but also Google, in addition to showing continuous requests received from its servers in the entrance lobby of its offices in California, is trying to hoard its software engineering with internal tables Zeitgeist , which according to some experts are putting their knees professionals who until yesterday sought the trends in place to support the product strategies of multinational corporations.