320×240, video.lab.camp.event


In addition to the institutional festival, with the growth of electronic artists of the international community, is to grow with the need for self-organized meeting that will contact the independent software developers to create with those who use them to develop its work or its performance. It was with this spirit was born 320×240, video.lab.camp.event Samogor to be held in the island of Vis, Croatia. August 7 to 12. At a price of 120 EUR for the whole event, this' camp 'home video artists that in addition to holding workshops about their products and techniques will be active with performances, presentations, and most importantly available to the exchange and human contact all the time in' an informal atmosphere. At the cusp between the size of Personal and home video art and the assumption of the paradigm of the DJ by video manipulators with the figure more and more predominant vj, in the introduction to this meeting has the potential to make a significant cross this large and vibrant scene . Many invited guests including Italians Jaromil (FreeJ) and Candida TV, Daniel Fischer subsignal.org, Dunja Kukovec present at scan-line.org/foobar, Ivan Marus specializing in video feedback and error situations, Jeremy Schaller, professor of video scratching and supporter of the event in New York weekly 'open-mixer' share.dj, Juergen Moritz, Stay, and the tool Rebelle analog, Tom Bassford of PirateTV and part of the development team VJamm 2, software distributed by the label Ninja Tune, ZDEN author of the software for VJs Circulation and Zlatan Filipovi ¾, a professor at the Academy of Visual Arts in Sarajevo, and a member of pro.ba media lab, as well as vj thirty that will alternate on different days.