Creativity, technology and freedom in a book about copyleft.

The book ' copyleft: creativity, technology and freedom ', it is proposed to consider the use of free licenses, describing the current state of copyright laws and putting forward an analysis that aims to demonstrate how the use of non-proprietary software, outside the influence of the various "giants" who monopolize the market. The book is written by a woman, Miriam Rainsford, composer, musician, graphic designer and writer, born in New Zealand in 1971, grew up in Australia and now residing in London. Particular attention is given to the possibility of use in the text of the GNU General Public License (GPL) not only in the software industry, but also in art, music, literature, and in all other fields "creative." Names like Sony, Bertelsmann and AOL / Time / Warner, are associated with restrictive idea of ​​music production, artistic and intellectual. The Free Software movement, however, aims to realize and vehicular products which are open and free (free), which can be modified, redistributed and also marketed, with the proviso, however, also maintain free copies. This is even more evident for the software, whose being is manifested in maintaining the free open source code. The book reconstructs the history of copyleft practices and are also described in the most recent actions of artistic manipulation and plagiarism of existing products, especially music (see the works of Negativland), until you get to the analysis of peer to Peere file sharing technology . The site of presentation of the book you can read the abstract and you can find many interesting news and updated information on copyleft and surroundings. The book, of course copyleft, will be published by GNU Press by 2003 and you can freely download from the site several sections, in line with the philosophy of the free. Tatiana Bazzichelli