Digital Performance

Abnormalities digital_arts, multilingual international journal under the direction of Emanuele Quinz, Professor of Aesthetics at the Department of Numerical Arts Dance and Music at the University of Paris, continues an interesting and detailed investigation into the relationship between the different arts and digital technologies, already begun in the first issue of the magazine with 'Du Corps A The Avatar'. In 'Digital Performance' priority is given to the analysis of a scene of interfaces applied to the specific perspective of the dance but by exploring the different contexts of the show, the performing arts, theater, drawing on videodrammaturgie the new spectacle of the very first Italian eighties. Transmutations of new electronic languages, tracing the traces of the original video innovations, abandoned the faint memory of groups like The Gay Science, Warehouse Criminals and Falso Movimento, seminal cells of multimedia, non-irradiated enough to actually rhizomatic thought and electronics. Enlightening of those events, although inevitably fragmentary reconstruction of the chronicles, the intervention of Andrea Balzola, effectively becoming proactive in the need for an inter-media visual arts. Lucid analysis, from the body of the techno-glam Dumb Type, to that of Stelarc obsolete, from interactive environments and synaesthetic Studio Azzurro, Massimo Cittadini, La Fura Dels Baus, in remote connections by Giacomo Verde, in anticipation of a web -cam-theater, poetry oblique, urban fragments reassembled in narration to Roberto Paci Dalò, artificial life and intelligent agents in the short essay on 'Procedural Drama' Antonio Pizzo. Twenty-two authors, full-bodied material, among them also quite heterogeneous but that overall ownership and passion contribute to the development of research into new configurations of the art system invested by the advent of digital.