Audiopad, the composition by physical objects.

Presented at the last edition of Sonar Audiopad is an interactive musical instrument developed at MIT Media Lab by James Patten and Ben Recht musician. Useful for both composition and live performance detects the position of some symbolic objects on a tablet and it converts the movements into music. The device can tap into vast archives of samples and tracks, as well as to external microphones, allowing at the same time a digital processing. In this way it can be implemented in a spontaneous reinterpretation of original compositions, reformulating and aesthetic intentions of the artist, but also a tactile dimension is applied easily understood by the audience. This dimension unintelligible and instinctive performer electronic returns to a role can be enjoyed by anyone. The size rational and controlled interface, finally, is coupled with the rationality of the process while leaving the imagination of the viewer as performer forecasting the temporal unfolding of sound and composition. From the website you can download a demo video.