Radiator 002, technology as a way to mediate reality.


08.05.03 Radiator 002, technology as a way to mediate reality.

Technology as a mediation factor between physical space and artificial reality, a tool for extracting the art work from the PC screen and put it in a suitable social context. This is the principle inspiring Radiator 002, a new media art festival which opened on May 3 in Nottingham (UK). The permanent installations are: ‘Peace Keeper’, by Tom Betts (alias Nullpointer), a modified videogame where two bots are programmed to kill each other, systematically respawning after every death, all of which in the complete abstraction of the geometric shapes generated by the manipulation of the source code; ‘TargetArt’, on the other hand, is an interactive installation which analyzes the user’s personality, describing it through universal pictograms; ‘G(Host)’ is a performance by Matt Hawthorn involving the visitors, showing them hidden places (in fact completely made up) of the city through a personal screen, in a tourist trip based on lies. ‘Tails (My Father Told Me)’, by Rona Lee, is a life-sized projection on the glass tower of the local Broadway, where the economy of bodies is rethought in its complexity; ‘Broadway Hertz’, curated by the company Stan’s Cafe, records the sounds and vibrations around it and reproduces them in a chaotic remix; finally, the interactive videoinstallation ‘Exhibition’, by Richard Squires, where the nervous tics of the main character emerge unpredictably. Also scheduled are the presentations of Marko Peljhan’s Makrolab, Blast Theory’s GPS performances, a demonstration of sculptures prototyped using dedicated hardware and software and the ‘Home Maker’ project by Jeanie Finlay. There will also be workshops on robotics, gps drawing, live streaming and game programming, a jam session in the Trampoline Night, and a VJing session by av_dv with Noel Murphy, as well as a whole day of meetings with the local digital creation businesses and institutions.