Mediatopia, an anthology of net art.

Starting from the questions that accompany each exposure online web art (just an illusion technique? Much of what is produced to stand the test of time and hardware and software upgrades? Those who can be called an expert?) Mediatopia seeks to contextualize questions more than provide definite answers . Four essays including 'Reading Technology: Curling up with a good information appliance' Australia's Linda Carroli on the interrelationships between books and ebooks, 'Beyond the binary: New media and the extended body' of John Grech on the now blurred the boundary between body and its technological prostheses, 'The Problematization of Basic Typography' by Eduardo Navas on codes of analog and digital typography and interesting 'Media Literacy for the Unconscious Mind' by Brian Walsh on the psychological techniques of media advertising campaigns. The works of web / net art are selected, however, Portrait of the artist as a home page , 'Maps Choice Inc.' Michael Alstad, a parody of personality tests carried out by means of forms, 'Blood Experiment' by Kate Armstrong, a javascript code that recombines phrases of 'blood, love and experiments', 'Fantasy Fantasy Fantasy' Lara Bank a sort of karaoke for synthesis voice to emphasize how texts of love sung by pc vengnao naturally altered, 'Right as Rain' of Knowlton / Hight / Spellman, a fiction generated by being influenced by climatic conditions in different cities, 'Cynderfella' Andrew Bucksbarg, a rapid sequence of 'revelatory imagery to the pressure of the mouse,' The Echoselves in my pockets' of Catherine D'Ignazio, a slow and wide scroll of texts extracted from the code, 'Sorry Mr. Joyce' Wolf Kahlen, a literary game, 'n3xtcom' of Shirin Kouladjie , 'Amorphoscapes' Stanza , 'Storybeat' Geoff Thomas , and ' Poem for Echelon 'Jaka Zeleznikar .