Extreme Whitespace, performer to the terminal.

Beat keys for several hours a day has become the norm for those who in recent years has embraced the profession of programmer. In addition to the screen, in fact, the protagonist of the reflections of several theorists and artists, the keyboard also has a secondary role at all in the man-machine relationship and in the daily life of those who use computers intensively and networks. Whitespace Extreme is a perl script that converts fastest typists 'vertical' contemporary visual performer. Inspired by 'Two Space', a film by computer animation of Larry Cuba dating back to 1979, runs on any terminal linux / unix, as well as being compatible with that of mac os X. Its operation is actually simple, as it produces spaces all the time, along with color variations in which everything that is wrought incorporates, creating a 'video-feedback' pure ascii, but aesthetically sublime. The ideal to get lost for a while 'in the size of a Dadaist tool from Spartan exploding joyful in all its dynamism repressed. Ê