Democratic Torture, dramatic performance in a webcast.

The possibilities of interaction, they can go far beyond the visual variations on the screen and the real potential of an interface blew up just when it begins to affect reality. A dramatic performance that expresses precisely these possibilities was held at the Art Space in Sidney on May 3. [Democratic Torture] , in fact, saw the artist Mike Parr engaged for 30 hours in the gallery spaces Australian tied with thin wires around the face, a national flag hanging from his left arm and into the wall behind him a collage of verbal aggression mixed with headlines of newspapers during the war in Iraq, as Bloodbath, Filling holes in a bullet-riddled nation, Killing Room, Hundreds of victims in coffins, Children were burned alive, End Game, etc.. etc.. The performance included an interaction webcast painful, as you tap the window streaming was possible to activate an electric shock to subject the performer. One way violent and highly symbolic that the artist decided to be on her body, revealing once and for all the hypocritical mechanism of the media war, and revealing live the kind of suffering widely criticized by the U.S. propaganda. A work of art and an act of courage.