Cyberpl @ y, communicating online

. book Nell'abnorme amount of books that strive to interpret the unwritten rules of online communication, this text seems to emerge for the quality of empirical research and the historical roots that form the backdrop, themselves part of the evolution of the signs and segnificati constantly exchanged in the network. Starting from the email and its stylistic facets, chat, in which we focus also on the art of composing spartan shapes and colors in the standard IRC, the author probes the spontaneous, irreverent and relentless personal communication that found between restrictions techniques and tricks of its own random mode. In the following chapters we analyze the digital greetings (greetings, condolences), then moved to a short and intense history of ASCII Art and its roots in RTTY Art, the art of the teletype, with the additional restriction of ASCII to 5 bits (ie only upper case). The last topic is the revolution of the font, duplicatisi in thousands of shades, and went from working tool at the option of the graphics for any user. Far from speculation ends in themselves, the Danet maintains its rigor in the investigation extremely playful nature of these practices, joining shreds of life online contextualized and reflections darting like "what would ask 'what time is it?' in a chat room? "