Cyberfeminism And Artificial Life

The creation of entities and identities in the parallel universe of cyberspace, grafted on our everyday life, is one of the most interesting and important research topics for achieving a concrete understanding of the contemporary world. For this reason, the inquiry made by Prof. Sarah Kemper, of the Media & Communication Department of the Goldsmiths College of London, represents an important piece for many subjects regarding new media. The author starts from a fundamental assumption for understanding life in its digital representations, that is, seeing ‘life as information’, continuing very systematically along a long list of themes. Among them are: new biology, the status and philosophy of ALife (Artificial Life), societies and creatures born in the online artificial spaces, the autonomous identities within the networks, including software agents and ‘bots’, and genomics, both in literature and films and in science. All of this is written from a clear political viewpoint critically exposing both manifest and hidden ideologies and the different approaches adopted by the social architectures realized for artistic, linguistic, literary, commercial and entertaining ends. The evolution of a cyberfeminist point of view is described in one of the last chapters, full of references to the theoretical studies of the last decade and to the construction of the ethics of teh posthuman subject.