Perry Hoberman, error messages art gallery.


14.03.03 Perry Hoberman, error messages art gallery.

Perry Hoberman is an artist from New York who makes installations where the technology is a target for irony, a mirror of the logical paradox which permeates it, and is maliciously mocked in several ways. A merciless interface changes the rules of the relation between man and machine, giving way to ill-concealed emotions and to an intelligence which, even when masked as stupidity, speaks the same language of humans. Among the installations illustrated on the website there are: ‘Art Under Contract’, where the work is accessible only after accepting a usage license similar to those of commercial software, ‘OK/Cancel’, a string of unlikely and nihilist error messages, ‘Infringement’, warning screens on possible copyright violations, ‘My Life in Spam’, with color printouts of spam messages. One of them is enjoyable on the web: ‘Your Time is Valuable’, where a times updates a chronometer continuously, comparing the time spent visiting the installation to other activities, such as reading a three hundred pages long novel or watching a ninety minutes long movie.