Hidden camera to spy on a tenant.

Even the tabloids begin to deal with thorny issues such as surveillance cameras, albeit with their peculiar angle. In an article in the New York Post of February 27, we are told of that, Stephanie Fuller, the victim, defined as 'visual rape' (visual turnips), to which was referred by her landlord. The findanzato of the girl, for he had discovered a small video camera hidden in a smoke detector fire on the ceiling, with a video cable that led directly to the owner's house-peeping, William Schultz. The police later found a videotape incorporating private moments of the woman, and the judge, thanks to the lack of regulations about the man sentenced to three years probation, $ 1,468 fine, 280 hours of community service and counseling psychiatric mandatory. The girl from Long Island said very bitterly the same judgment, and is terrified that other material escaped the police may now end up in the hands unsafe or even on the net. The girl said that it had to resort to psychiatric treatment to counter panic attacks and anxiety, and that now controls uncontrollably all smoke detectors and does not enter for any reason in the dressing rooms of clothing stores, for fear that there are other cameras. "I feel like I've been raped physically," said Fuller coming out of the court.