Future of Memory, the new work of digital theater of Troika Ranch.

The digital theater company Troika Ranch presented last week at 'The Duke' in New York his last work, entitled ' Future of Memory '. Interpreting a surreal world of memories blurred, distorted and destroyed. The piece incorporates interactive video gadgets that can transform the voices and faces of the dancers. Yet the songs are performed by the same performer through an appropriate conversion of their movements with the famous 'mididancer', created to allow remote control of instruments and music samples through the measured deflection of the limbs. Some video segments are recorded during the same performance and proposed cyclically inside gradually losing their initial characteristics, as do the fragments of memory to which the work is inspired. Directed by Mark Coniglio yet (interviewed a few years ago on Neural 10 ), the company continues its search of enslavement technologies expressiveness of stage movement and control of its sensory components.