The idiocy of war: Rooting Out Evil, Webcam in Iraq and John Perry Barlow.

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13/02/03 Against the idiocy of war: Rooting Out ​​Evil, Webcam in Iraq and John Perry Barlow.
While the last of the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report defines a note / blunder practices 'Hactivisim' as "the abuse of the use of computers to achieve objectives related to causes of activism," various media initiatives that move the point of view on the threat of war. Inverting the point of view 'shot' continuously by most broadcast media, the project Rooting Out ​​Evil is collecting through a form on web 'inspectors volunteers' who want to travel to the U.S. to verify the degree of danger of terrorism of the American superpower. This following the three principles enunciated by the Bush administration, namely that the states most dangerous are those who "1. They have large stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, 2. Ignore UN resolutions and refuse to sign and honor the treaties international. " To bring attention to the concrete, then, the Iraqis as human beings and not as evil bloodthirsty Yankee, there is the initiative Webcams in Iraq (Iraq is not a video game) , who wants to place a webcam in Mansour, district of Baghdad. The images, capable of describing a people caught up in his everyday life and trying to survive the embargo should then be projected in public places in Western cities, so that anyone can watch without filters what happens and what will happen in the Iraqi capital. Meanwhile, in an interview to the magazine Mother Jones , John Perry Barlow said he was "discouraged the Internet's role in the peace movement." In explaining his controversial position says, "There are millions of virtual corners with millions of people that explain why repudiate the war, but at the same time you do not join in any organization to counter it. Political institutions – the Congress or the big corporations – respond only to other institutions. It does not matter how many people you can bring into the street, as they do not they will consider carefully until there is a leader who will represent those who protest and to say in these institutions to be raising money and votes to expel them to kicks from their offices. then they will pay attention, but not before. "