Pixelscapes, digital chromatic minimalism.

. Art

28.02.03 Pixelscapes, digital chromatic minimalism.
The color rendering of objects can transcend their form, monopolizing our senses, especially when the animation gradually covers the entire range of the spectrum. Pixelscapes of Tom R. Chambers is a good example of abstract shapes, reduced to skinny clusters of pixels, but dipped in color combinations that fade and come back in a loop noticeable. Citing involuntarily environmental developments 'Place # 13', videosculptures Brian Eno than fifteen years ago, the author spins the colors that the eye try without the discomfort of sudden change. The result coincides with the desired 'excitement in the color field', as described by the author, and shows the minimal clusters of pixels to witness an excessive enlargement of the forms that reveals the texture and makes them equally unrecognizable, making them transcend to symbol of liberation descriptive unit, with extremely restless digital pigments.