Web Italian art: personal CMYK and RGB competition.

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10:01:03 Italian art Web: staff of RGB and CMYK competition.
– A selection of the last three years of production Mauro Ceolin and its RGBProject ( see ), was inaugurated on January 10 at the gallery Fabio Paris Brescia . Perloppiù works are drawn from the series zigzaggings, game.people.02 played through prints vector, in addition to the work that portrays Peter Molyneux riprotto in acrylics on canvas. The peculiarity of Ceolin, in fact, is precisely to bring out ultraconsolidate technologies such as those of the vectors interpolated from their everyday use, making them rise to painting technique in its own right, well able to become a meta-technique, coming out from the screen and applying the former and analog canvas.
– Launched, however, from the Neapolitan Jiolahy a contest for emerging digital artists, entitled CMYK . The goal is to select talented young Italians for the subsequent publication of a book, and the theme chosen is tied to a color, necessarily present in each film submitted. The color is in the components Cyan = 24, 18 = Magenta, Yellow and Black = 76 = 0, and the size of the works is established in 20 to 20 centimeters.