The acrononimi number of Chinese in chat.

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30.01.03 acrononimi The number of Chinese in chat.
In a recent article in the online magazine New Zealand NZoom are briefly treated the acronyms used by the navigators of the Chinese language in their chat. Unlike the Americans as btw (By The Way) or imho (In My Humble Opinion), acronyms in Mandarin exploit the figures for their similar pronunciation. '520 'For example, it sounds like' wo ai ni ', or' I love you ', 360' I miss you 'and 775,885' hugs and kisses', 88 which stands for 'ba ba', ie 'hello hello', as well as '748 'is equal to' go to hell '. With 59 million users in the motherland added to the 12 million to 4 million Taiwan and Hong Kong, China is second only to the United States for the number of users. This practice is now so popular that Taiwanese pop star Mavis has used it ('520 ') within his song' Digitally Falling in Love '. At the same time the complaint ordered by the government communications network is repressing one of these conventions. It is '64 'which symbolizes June 4th day of the tragedies of Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Many operators of chat rooms filter threads for fear of repercussions and then every '64 'is automatically censored.