Overpeer, the company that pollutes the peer-to-peer networks.

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27.01.03 Overpeer, the company that pollutes the peer-to-peer networks.
It is rumored for a long time the pollution of peer-to-peer by the majors with unnecessary files, made of only loop, empty for the most part, or otherwise inaudible. The major labels have always denied any involvement in the uproar that the unreliability of facilities frequented by 'pirates'. It was an investigation conducted by Wired News James Maguire to unravel the mechanism by which the multinationals have comunciato to act by commissioning this 'dirty work' to others. The company that is developing on this confidential business is called Overpeer and is led by Marc Morganstern, former president of ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), a sort of SIAE U.S.. According to the contracts interventions are made to protect the client's content from piracy on p2p networks. Morganstern claims to lead the company that more than any other acts to counter piracy, but this does not say exactly how, except that it uses different servers and software and hardware OWNERS and very tentatively, after downloading illegal music files it damages the quality and redistributes them to the network. According to analysts to conduct spoofing this effectively you have to put into circulation about 10,000 copies of the offending file, and this is possible just that, with appropriate resources.