Wired Ruins: Digital Terror and Ethnic Paranoia.

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05:09:02 Wired Ruins: Digital Terror and Ethnic Paranoia.
After a few seminal books that have laid a solid foundation of criticism of the network and Mrs Arthur Kroker and Marilouise have decided to make their site a platform for experimentation and visual signs. After being one of the first sites to treat these issues with a significant amount of essays, began to scatter the outputs concentrating in monographs assembled with flash. The most recent is called Wired Ruins: Digital Terror and Ethnic Paranoia and, in addition to being co-curated by Timothy Murray, collects various projects of web and net art, divided into three small database: 'Digital Terror: Ghosting 9-11' , 'Ethnic Paranoia, before and beyond' and 'Rewiring the Ruins'. Through textual and visual interactions (there are many pictures of the destroyed towers in their golden age), is implemented a resistance aesthetic and verbal wave of censorship that followed the disaster a year ago. Among the many artists we also find Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries and Christina McPhee, and the inlay of different ethnic identities in the works is structured in a mosaic of perspectives and emotions daughters of the new digital millennium.