Violence Online Festival, online works on the concept of violence.

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4:09:02 Violence Online Festival, online works on the concept of violence.
Violence is a tool, a process vital and necessary or only the result of complex causes and mechanical? If it is true then that artists inevitably reflect the physical and psychological environment in which they live, how it manifests itself in art this dark side has always been rooted in man? In the form of action, reaction or reflection? It is from these ideas that the project takes shape Violence Online Festival , curated and created in Flash by Agricola de Cologne on the occasion of the international festival 'Violens Festival' T ‡ bor (Czech Republic). More than 150 artists from around the world (for Italy is among the well-known names Catherine Davino) participated in this event with textual works of poetry, visual-poetry, interactive web art, images, and electronic sounds in streaming. The complex of works presented is not intended to take a stand for or against violence, simply she is the subject of individual reflection that takes on many shades, how many cultural backgrounds that generate it. The aim of the project is then moved from the artistic reflection of a re-action against the fundamental role that the media play showing, spettacolarizzando and even promoting violence. To do this, the environment simulates ironically the interface of a media-company virtual call 'Violence Media corporated' and divided in different departments (eg 'Violence for happiness', 'Violence net', 'Violence marketing'), giving the work contained a different meaning. Browsing this art-network, the visitor is almost forced to ask new questions and seek the answers necessarily.
Clement Pestelli