Sonic Pong, shuttlecock sound.

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21:08:02 Sonic Pong, shuttlecock sound.
If the sound is a crucial component for video games, in fact often it can be suitably used to replace some key components of the game itself. That's what I have successfully demonstrated the members of the collective Time's Up in Linz (Austria) with their Sonic Pong , remembering the first video game pop history with a structure of speakers and platforms articulated that guided by the weight of the players control (visually) the their position, while the trajectory of the 'ball' is represented by a string of amplifiers that reproduce the sounds to 8 bits sampled and integrated into play installation. Manipulating sounds is also conducted by the players through that (apparently) rudimentary equipment can variarne pitch and duration, making the experience even more immersive and alienating at the same time for the ear.