Version02, digital culture festival radical.

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18:04:02 Version02, digital culture festival radical.
It opens April 18 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago (USA) Version02 , digital culture festival radical centers the selection of artists and its activities on so-called 'digital commons', a metaphor to describe the public spaces used to communicate and distribute ideas and to share tools and resources. The works deal with the technology to its tactical use and creative and digital media to create strategies for the maintenance and expansion of the public spaces of communication. The net art projects included are twelve: 'After Sherrie Levine' Michael Mandiberg (see scans of photos of other photos. ), 'A-virtual-memorial' by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, an archive of historical narrative, 'BuyOrBeware' Andrew Venell, everyday stories in public spaces, 'The Images Pillager' Ben Chang, a sampler of white noise images across the network, 'User Empathy Engine v.2.0' of TENbyTEN on the collection of personal data by the marketing, Self-Portrait by Brooke Singer (see Self-Portrait (v2.0). ) Borderhack Fran Ilich (see Borderhack online exhibition. ), 'Things may have never known' by Trevor Paglen, which peddles underground films at the box office for samples of Gnutella, 'The Church of Software' Italian Carlo Zanni (see Net Italian art: the landscapes of the church of the software. ), 'Newzoid' by Daniel Young (see Fake headlines self-generated. ), 'Space Navigable Music' LAB [ au], the concepts of space and time through sound applied to the third dimension, and 'Sodaplay', the curious thread-like animated creatures, can be created and modified by the user. Among the debates 'The Work of Art in the Age of Convergence' with Eduardo Kac and Miltos Manetas, 'Who's the Tool?' by Paul B. Davis, Cory Arcangel, John Dekam and Rob Ray, 'Naked Apprehensions of Technology' with Katherine Behar, Steve Dietz, Tiffany Holmes and Dan Sandinn, 'Alt.Media' with Stephen Marshall (Guerrilla News Network), Sander Hicks (Soft Skull Press ), Rachel Rinaldo (Indymedia Newsreel) and Paul Dechene and Dave Niddrie (Adbusters), several workshops, including one of the Institute for Applied Autonomy, and another, 'Tactical Gizmology' edited by Critical Art Ensemble and Beatriz da Costa. Finally, in addition to a full program of short films, a retrospective of Negativland Films by Mark Hosler, and a live audio-visual of Hexstatic (Ninja Tune), will also be carried on Beige World Cassette Jockey Championship '2002 ', l' only competition for DJs who use the boxes ('cj', jockey boxes).