Recognition of muscular sound + Subnetwork advertising Kazaa.

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4.3.02 Recognition of muscular sound + Subnetwork advertising Kazaa.
– The research center of Japan's NTT DoCoMo, has embarked on a program to develop a technology that allows people to talk on the phone without making a sound. It is a sensor that detects the signals from the muscle movements of the cheeks and jaw of a human being who speaks, and in recent experiments, the relative movements of the pronunciation of vowels have been recognized to 100 percent. In addition to the phone calls the technology could be extended to singing with unpredictable consequences for performers, choirs and solo voices, but the project is still in its infancy, as the researchers themselves think they can be completed in no less than five years. The same research group also has another side project that transmits the sounds of a transducer strapped to your wrist, directly inside the ear hearing loss. By coupling the two technologies and combining a speech synthesizer in power of the telephone company, may be able to call in complete silence.
– The client Kazaa contain some time in their code to another client that can be activated remotely, can access another network, formed by Brilliant Digital Entertainment , an online advertising company. The new network will serve the company to offer advertising content, or to use the same machines for operations of distributed computing. Everything is guaranteed only after the explicit consent of the user, but in the latest version of client license, downloaded more than two and a half million users, is already outlined permission to access your hard drive. It makes a change from threatening to compromise implemented with spyware, small programs which compensated for the use of free software with exposure to banners and tracking their behavior, because it goes further into the private pc with an unprecedented level invasive.