Dataland, where memories are date code and behavior is.

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19:04:02 Dataland, where memories are date code and behavior is.
Dataland, where memories are date code and behavior is is an online exhibition of six Canadian net art projects specially commissioned, seeking to transform the constructs technical personal reflections on concepts such as identity, history, relationships, community, and social control. In 'intimacy machines: the entity', as example, Myfanwy Ashmore, trying to highlight text through emotional impacts, with the respective interactions, the fragility of relationships and the desire for stability behind. In 'Evolution of the Ideal Man' by Leif Harmsen, however, investigates the creation of a perfect specimen of the human male, in a sort of 'construction kit' that builds from the user's wishes, and genetic manipulation of imaginary . In 'asdf' Michelle Kasprzak you are struggling with an online search to trace the transformation of the sites over the years, trying to make an analysis result of the code that composes them to outline the trends followed over time. In 'Choise Maps' by Michael Alstad is celebrated another multinational fictitious purporting to show you the path to follow in his future, on the basis of predetermined choices and advice based on his archive of Cultural Human Value System Codes (vMEMES) while 'album: a memory archive' Lisa Vinebaum is created an intimate space for the memory of the Holocaust through family photos and testimonies retroactive. In 'The Pasquino Project' by Marc Böhlen and Natalie Tan, finally, automates the writing of criticism of the system of government vompilate with the same irreverent spirit that animated the citizens of Rome in 1500, who wrote (so-called lampoons) and apponevano on the statue Greek marble in his homonymous square.