Cybugs, can machines think?, Shows the robot at the Milan Triennale.

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23:04:02 Cybugs, can machines think?, An exhibition of robots at the Milan Triennale.
It opens April 23 at the Milan Triennale Cybugs, the machines can think? , an exhibition dedicated to the history of robots and automation through its most significant moments and some representatives historical and current. The question comes from a famous article by Alan Turing present with his scientic and personal stories in the first section along with Ada Byron Countess of Lovelace. Another area is devoted, however, to the myth of Prometheus, which is to create artificial life, and to historical or literary machines, such as the Golem or wooden automata of 700. Continuing you enter the size of the machines 'thinking' robot working with some of the principles that explain the 'behavior engineering'. From here you go to the section of the robots 'fotovori', ie that 'feed' of light to move, expanding the discourse to the fields of research leading candidates to operate the thinking machines of the near future, namely artificial neural networks, the fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms. In the last space, finally, there are materials taken from the literature and cinema and a race on one hundred meter dash between robot Quadrapodi (pictured).