Control Panels, programming as an artistic practice.

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4.5.02 Control Panels, programming as an artistic practice.
Inaugurated on April 5 at the Hartware of Dortmund (Germany), the exhibition of software art ' Control Panels, programming as an artistic practice '. The practice of the artists of the software allows them to develop programs that go beyond the limits of the code written according to the traditional, sometimes extending the possibilities, sometimes reducing the potential to reduce them as generators of absurd. The focus is not on efficiency, but on its possible 'dysfunctional', dealing with the same code as aesthetic material for artistic creations. The 'control panels' bring the promise of freedom interface, but freedom from what? The groups I / O / D argued that "the software is mind control." Curated by Andreas and Matthias Weiss Broeckmann the exhibition involving artists: Scott Draves, with its Electric Sheep (see Life 4.0 ), the British I / O / D, with their historic browser 'Web Stalker', Thomas Kamphusmann with 'Delphi V. 2.1 'installation of 1961 he did answer the questions of the visitor obscure phrases printed by a dot matrix printer, the Swiss LAN with their' Tracenoizer 'award-winning edition of Transmediale 2O02, Spaniard Joan Leandre with the recombination of the game his 'Retroyou', the supergroup American RSG (Radical Software Group) with their famous 'Carnivore' (see Carnivore Art ), Simon Schießl with Roter Tropfen (Red Drops), an applet that simulates the effect of a wrongly bouncing ball edges of the screen, Peter Traub and his' Bits and Pieces' (see ' Bits and Pieces, net art algorithmic '), Antoine Schmitt' Vexation 1 ', an installation in which a sphere generates a programmed rhythm slamming against the bounds of a rectangle with sides associated with many percussion ensemble cubes and '22 ', in which twenty-two cubes rotate on themselves by generating a melody in sync while evolve slowly and finally Adrian Ward with his Auto-Illustrator 1.0, a version of generative and Autonomous Illustrator, Adobe's vector drawing program. It is expected, finally, a workshop held by activist Flor Micz to young people aged 15 to 19 years on how to process electronic music, to the dj-session, and pass through an internet radio. All through the Linux operating system and open source software.