New surveillance cameras in Washington.

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02/14/02 New surveillance cameras in Washington.
According to the Wall Street Journal the largest network of surveillance cameras in the United States is going to be put on in Washington, to monitor commercial areas, streets, monuments and public places. Hundreds installations are planned, all connected to the existing ones, such as in the subway or outside schools. Stephen Gaffigan, head of the local police, I want to pass as a necessary evil after September 11, and refers to the British system with more than a million of 'eyes' across the country. On Tuesday, in response to a potential alarm was activated a command center cost $ 7 million, but does not allow automatic comparison of the images with pictures of criminals or alleged to be stored, even if its implementation is still in discussion. The images, in addition, can be sent to the computers of many of the thousands of police cars around the city. Takes the position of civil rights groups, such as the 'American Civil Liberties Union' which pointed out as a 'command center' is illegal and that in this way it is easier for the cameras can be easily abused. As said Barry Steinhardt of the same association "Putting up a network like this now do not have any guarantee on how it will be used between the two or five years."