Dance and technology (1): Activating the medium.

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18:02:02 Dance and technology (1): Activating the medium.
At the Museum of Modern Art in San Fransico (USA) is in progress Activating the medium , a festival of sound art, which has among its main attractions Sensorband of a performance, a trio that performs performance with interactive technologies. It is composed by Zbigniew Karkowski, Polish-Swedish composer, by Dutch composer Edwin van der Heide and the Japanese-American performer Atau Tanaka. According to van der Heide, the body can be thought of as a great element hyperactive capable of producing effects and sounds through his movements. The interaction occurs through sensors allocated on the hands of Tanaka transposing his movements executed as if playing an invisible instrument air. The performance this year is called Net OSC, and uses the signals on the network connection as sound sources, filtered through the laptop computer and manipulated by the artists in real time. According to the performer, the worse the connection, the most fascinating are the sounds made, according to a perspective that emphasizes our classic concept of distance.