Tigerlily, how to become a net artist.

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14:01:02 Tigerlily, how to become a net artist.
Tigerlily is a portal to net art Dutch and international structured from the perspective of providing a collection of links as much as possible useful and structured to offer a stimulating starting point to anyone who wants to become a net artist. The sections are rich, as 'Other Artist' that lists a substantial number of sites categorized media, including the newer 'weblogs', while in 'Idea', there are lists of 'automatic generators' of works, search engines oriented image and a selection of websites developed from concepts particularly original. In 'How do I produce it?' you can tap the lists of organizations, workshops, and academic institutions who give funds, while in 'Where can I exhibit' are galleries, museums, festivals and independent initiatives. In the section 'Become Famous', finally, the media are selected perloppiù Dutch, but there is a useful guide in English on how to put together a portfolio. A small Bignami, in short, vertical, and well-stocked worth a visit from time to time to follow the drift of the link and the discovery of new 'worlds' web art.